EDWARDSVILLE, Ill. - Thomas Burns’ three-title performance closed out the final day of competition at the USA Youth Outdoor Track & Field Championships at Southern Illinois University on the Edwardsville campus.

The nation’s top young athletes in two-year age divisions ranging from 8 and under to 17-18-year-olds competed in Edwardsville.

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Burns won three titles in only five hours. Burns started out by leaving the field behind in the 13-14 boys’ 200m hurdles in a time of 24.88. Next, he continued his assault on Ralph Korte Stadium in the 400m dash finishing first in 51.07. Showing no signs of fatigue, Burns took down the 100m hurdles in 14.15 in his closest race, as only seven hundredths of a second separated him from the second place finisher.

The most exciting race of the day transpired in the 17-18 women’s 100m hurdle final. Emma SpagnolaClaudette Day, and Tyjah Eady appeared to cross the finish line simultaneously, but it was Day who finished first and set a new personal best of 14.18. Eady finished in 14.19 and Spagnola finished in 14.20. It was Spagnola’s fourth race in three hours.

In the 7-8 girls’ 100m final, Shawnti Jackson held on by a slim margin to claim the victory and her second national title in a time of 14.69. Jackson, the daughter of 2008 Olympic bronze medalist Bershawn Jackson, won her first title yesterday in the 100m.

The friendly and competitive rivalry of twins Julia and Anna Jordahl-Henry was on full display during the 11-12 girls’ high jump. The highest clearance for both was 1.40m/4-07.00, but it was Julia who won as she had fewer misses.

Thomas Mosley helped the Waukengan Invaders win the 13-14 boys’ 4x800m relay race on Tuesday, but on Sunday Mosley did not need any assistance to win the 800m final. Mosley finished in 2:04.40 to secure his second trip to the awards podium.

Brandon Miller swiped his third medal in five days when he crossed the finish line first in the 11-12 boys’ 1500m final. Miller ran the anchor leg in the 4x800m relay earlier in the week, and won the 800m title yesterday.

Caleb Roberson pulled off a trifecta winning the 11-12 boys' pentathlon on Tuesday, setting a new National record in the process. Then on the final day of competition, he won 100m dash in 12.37 and 80m hurdles in 12.20.

Jalien Hicks displayed a feat of endurance winning two national titles in three hours. First, Hicks separated himself from the field in the 7-8 boys’ 100m, running 14.18. Next, the 400m race ended with his name at the top of the results board in 1:07.33.

One inch made Gabriel Arcaro triumphant in the 17-18 men’s hammer throw. Arcaro launched the hammer 63.44m/208-02, squeaking by Brendan Duncan by a slim margin to take the win.

Aaliyah Butler, who provided one the highlights from yesterday’s competition in the 9-10 girls’ 200m, decided one title was not enough. Butler got around the track in 1:04.14 to claim the victory in the 400m and her second championship in as many days.

After losing by four hundredths of a second in the 9-10 girls’ 200m final yesterday, Dynasty McClennon ran the 100m dash in 13.53 to earn her first gold medal of the championships.

Elijah Stowers, already having claimed the 9-10 boys’ national title in the long jump on Friday, won another championship in the 100m dash, stopping the clock at 13.21.

The winning streak continued for Semira Killebrew in the 11-12 girls’ 200m, finishing in a time of 12.56. Yesterday, Killebrew was triumphant in the 100m, grasping her first national title in a time of 25.78.

Four hundredths of a second decided the winner of the 15-16 boys’ 100m, Ian Braxton barely edgedJared Prince to win. For Braxton, the 100m is his second gold medal of the week, he was also victorious in the 200m.

Ashley Henderson became a two-time champion as she ran 11.93 to win the 17-18 girls’ 100m. Yesterday, Henderson occupied the first spot on the podium after winning the 200m.

One trip to the medal stand did not satisfy Isaac White. The winner of the 9-10 boys’ 800m, also won the 400m in a time of 1:02.72.

Lynna Irby won two titles in a total time of 68 seconds. She first triumphed in the 15-16 girls’ 100m dash, Irby ran the race in 11.74 seconds. This performance was followed with a win in the 400m in a time of 55.60.

Distance races created little resistance for Ju-Ells McLeod, who won the 17-18 women’s 1500m in a time of 5:00.19. Yesterday, she led start to finish in the 3,000m.

A comprehensive list of today’s national champions is listed below:

Sunday’s national champions:

St Louis Blues TC, 7-8 Girls’ 4x100m Relay, 1:13.22
The Wings Tc Inc, 7-8 Boys’ 4x100m Relay, 1:01.41
St Louis Blues TC, 9-10 Girls’ 4x100m Relay, 59.08
Westside Baptist Church, 9-10 Boys’ 4x100m Relay, 55.84
St Louis Blues TC, 11-12 Girls’ 4x100m Relay, 52.26
Eastside Steppers TC, 11-12 Boys’ 4x100m Relay, 52.63
Bay Cities Unleashed Youth, 13-14 Girls’ 4x100m Relay, 52.47
Los Angeles Jets, 13-14 Boys’ 4x100m Relay, 49.80
St Louis Blues TC, 15-16 Girls’ 4x100m Relay, 48.66
Peak Performance TC, 15-16 Boys’ 4x100m Relay, 43.81
St Louis Lightning TC, 17-18 Women’s 4x100m Relay, 47.81
Kc High Performance TC, 17-18 Men’s 4x100m Relay, 42.78

Paige Hathaway, 13-14 Girls’ 800m, 2:27.40
Thomas Mosley, 13-14 Boys’ 800m, 2:04.40
Camille Davre, 15-16 Girls’ 800m, 2:12.64
Braden Randall, 15-16 Boys’ 800m, 1:58.33
Rose Lobelson, 17-18 Women’s 800m, 2:22.27
Jackson Barbour, 17-18 Men’s 800m,1:53.68

Shawnti Jackson, 7-8 Girls’ 100m, 14.69
Jailen Hicks, 7-8 Boys’ 100m, 14.18  
Dynasty McClennon, 9-10 Girls’ 100m, 13.53
Elijah Stowers, 9-10 Boys’ 100m, 13.21
Semira Killebrew, 11-12 Girls’ 100m, 12.56
Caleb Roberson, 11-12 Boys’ 100m, 12.37
Alecandria Henderson, 13-14 Girls’ 100m, 12.70
Alonzo Taylor-Jones, 13-14 Boys’ 100m, 11.45
Lynna Irby, 15-16 Girls’ 100m, 11.74
Ian Braxton, 15-16 Boys’ 100m, 11.04
Ashley Henderson, 17-18 Women’s 100m, 11.93
Joseph Reagan, 17-18 Men’s 100m, 10.73

April Sutton, 15-16 Girls’ 400m Hurdles, 1:03.64
Alec Eschholz, 15-16 Boys’ 400m Hurdles, 56.43
Shaelyn Grant, 17-18 Women’s 400m Hurdles, 1:00.99
Jacob Wright, 17-18 Men’s 400m Hurdles, 54.50

Rokell Stanley, 13-14 Girls’ 200m Hurdles, 29.36
Thomas Burns, 13-14 Boys’ 200m Hurdles, 24.88

Leah Futey, 7-8 Girls’ 1500m, 5:37.94
Caleb Levy, 7-8 Boys’ 1500m, 5:43.60
Aneth Castaneda-Garcia, 9-10 Girls’ 1500m, 5:27.40
Payton Tavares, 9-10 Boys’ 1500m, 5:03.27
ChloeSpringman May, 11-12 Girls’ 1500m, 5:07.66
Bradnon Miller, 11-12 Boys’ 1500m, 4:38.75
Rylee Bowen, 13-14 Girls’ 1500m, 4:48.45
Erik Gonzalez, 13-14 Boys’ 1500m, 4:20.10
Camille Darve, 15-16 Girls’ 1500m, 4:41.95
Branden Randall, 15-16 Boys’ 1500m, 4:04.69
Ju-Ells McLeod, 17-18 Women’s 1500m, 5:00.19
Charles Jones, 17-18 Men’s 1500m, 4:03.34

Simone Johnson, 7-8 Girls’ 400m, 1:15.03
Jailen Hicks, 7-8 Boys’ 400m, 1:07.33
Aaliyah Butler, 9-10 Girls’ 400m, 1:04.14
Isaac White, 9-10 Boys’ 400m, 1:02.72
Brianna Anders, 11-12 Girls’ 400m, 59.23
Jameson Williams, 11-12 Boys’ 400m, 55.27
Emily Ellis, 13-14 Girls’ 400m, 58.60
Thomas Burns, 13-14 Boys’ 400m, 51.07
Lynna Irby, 15-16 Girls’ 400m, 55.60
Fonta JonesWhitfield, 15-16 Boys’ 400m, 50.57
Nicole Montgomery, 17-18 Women’s 400m, 56.21
Jeffery Green, 17-18 Men’s 400m, 48.2

Kendal Drewery, 11-12 Girls’ 80m Hurdles, 12.89
Caleb Roberson, 11-12 Boys’ 80m Hurdles, 12.20
Kelsia Moore, 13-14 Girls’ 100m Hurdles, 15.36
Thomas Burns, 13-14 Boys’ 100m Hurdles, 14.15
Taryn Milton, 15-16 Girls’ 100m Hurdles, 14.26
Alec Eschholz, 15-16 Boys’ 100m Hurdles, 15.17
Claudette Day, 17-18 Women’s 100m Hurdles, 14.18
Thomas Jones, 17-18 Men’s 110m Hurdles, 14.28

Track Houston Youth, 9-10 Girls’ 4x400m Relay, 4:32.44
Juventus, 9-10 Girls’ 4x400m Relay, 4:24.81
Indiana Storm, 11-12 Girls’ 4x400m Relay, 4:16.31
Bay Cities Unleashed Youth, 11-12 Boys’ 4x400m Relay, 4:04.81
Charlotte Flights Track, 13-14 Girls’ 4x400m Relay, 4:14.37
Los Angeles Jets, 13-14 Boys’ 4x400m Relay, 4:00.71
St Louis Blues, 15-16 Girls’ 4x400m Relay, 3:59.80
Cahokia,  15-16 Boys’ 4x400m Relay, 3:29.39
St Louis Blues, 17-18, Women’s 4x400m Relay, 3:51.19
Kc High Performance, 17-18 Men’s 4x400m Relay, 3:23.34

Desiree Poole, 9-10 Girls’ Shot Put, 6.79m/22-03.50
Jayden Williams, 9-10 Boys’ Shot Put, 8.87m/29-01.25
Khayla Dawson, 15-16 Girls’ Shot Put, 13.14m/43-01.50

Julia Jordahl-Henry, 11-12 Girls’ High Jump, 1.40m/4-07.00
Matthew Martinson, 17-18 Men’s High Jump, 1.95m/6-04.75

Kenyae Austin, 13-14 Girls’ Long Jump, 5.43m/17-09.75 
Dyllan Conway, 13-14 Boys Long Jump, 5.71m/18-09.00

Nickolas Lane, 15-16 Hammer Throw, 47.78m/156-09
Lauren Doeschot, 17-18 Women’s Hammer, 35.66m/117-00
Gabriel Arcaro, 17-18 Men’s Hammer, 63.44m/208-02

Ketlee Williams, 13-14 Boys’ Javelin, 37.39m/122-08
Chrissy Glasmann, 15-16 Girls’ Javelin, 39.85m/130-09
Aaron Ramirez, 15-16 Boys’ Javelin, 52.55m/172-05

Jonathan Denby, 17-18 Men’s Pole Vault, 4.57m/15-00.00

Results for the 7-8 girls’ and boys’ 4x400m relay race as well as team championship results will be posted soon.

For complete results and more information on the USA Youth Outdoor Track & Field Championships visit www.usatf.org.


Joey Lamar
Communications Intern
USA Track & Field