HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -- We all know that college athletics is a big deal in Alabama.

The big time schools go after the big time recruits well before their senior years.

That's the case for one Huntsville High School athlete, but his choice is not necessarily the school but the sport.

Huntsville junior Grant Hill got his 6’6, 315 pound frame from his Dad and also his love for track and field.

“When you're Dad did something that he loves, it kind of passes down,” Hill said.

For his age, Hill is the number one ranked discus thrower in the country. He's an AAU national champion and set the USA Track & Field junior Olympics record in 2009.

“He's really unique,” Hill’s father, Brad said. “There's really no throwers in the U.S. with his size.”

Like every junior in high school, Hill has an equally big decision to make, track or football. To put even more pressure on, Alabama head coach Nick Saban has already come calling.

“It was kind of a surprise [when Coach Saban visited last week],” Hill said. “I went down to the front office and they said Coach Saban is here to see you. That's a shock here at your high school. It's an honor really.”

Hill has not committed one way or the other with Alabama.

“I try to take a step back and realize it is just a game,” Hill said. “I'm trying to be unbiased as far as looking at schools and what they have to offer to players.”

Of course, Hill has lots to offer, if it's not the great work ethic, it's the leadership or the 3.6 GPA while taking AP classes.

“He's really a renaissance man,” Brad said. “Anything he puts his hands on, he's good at. He's turned into a lead guitarist, Angus Young. Basically he knows all the AC/DC. So when he's training, if he's not playing ac/dc he's got it in his head.”