Builderman was played on the big screen-scoreboard at the Oregon Twilight Meet last Friday night. Geoff Hollister and Sam Elliott were both present.

FROM: Vimeo site of Sarah Henderson. A 12 minute documentary piece brought to director, Erich Lyttle, by Geoff Hollister, for Nike corporate/worldwide... a new take on the story of Nike's original shoe designer and running innovator, Bill Bowerman. Our creative team thanks Sam Elliott for his storytelling narration, and John Askew for his musicality. Thanks to Bob for giving compelling tone through his words. Thanks to Geoff for helping us get access to so many of Bill's personal photos, and for bringing us in on Builderman to begin with.

"Builderman" from Sarah Henderson on Vimeo.

Directed by: Erich Lyttle Narrated by: Sam Elliott Produced by: Geoff Hollister, Bob Lambie Written by: Bob Lambie, Erich Lyttle Creative direction/Music Supervision by: Sarah Henderson Still photography by: Sarah Henderson Edited by: Erich Lyttle, Dave Unitan Original score by: John Askew