The Mach 15 is the latest edition of this testament to Brooks’ dogged dedication to competition. The pronounced toespring and efficient geometry of the midsole and outersole carry over, since they’ve been well dialed-in since version 12. There’s effective traction in both spiked and spikeless models, and the “just enough” cushioning is enhanced by the flexible sole.

The upper retains the lateral asymmetrical lacing. Though it looks odd (even for an asymmetrical setup), it provides a great fit and adds medial support. The mesh from Round 14 has been replaced by a perforated synthetic leather, providing nonstretch support as well as the close fit of a racer. The result is an effective and efficient racer suited to the rigors of cross country.

Spike/Spikeless $75
Sizes: men 6–13,14,15; women 6–12
Weight: 6.4 oz. spiked, 6.1 oz. spikeless (men’s 11); 5.3 oz. spiked, 5.0 oz. spikeless (women’s 8)
Fit: snug throughout

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