With its balance between high-mileage cushioning and responsiveness, the Ghost has become one of Brooks’ best neutral shoes. The upper of the Kid’s Ghost is a bit tougher than the open mesh of the adult version: closed mesh with supportive overlays. The midsole features the same Hydroflow cushioning, but the foam has fewer pieces and so is a bit less responsive; however, because of the reduced forces exerted by children’s lighter weight, there’s no compromise in performance. The outersole is the typical carbon rubber, including the support in the shank, which is perfectly service-able. The result is a shoe that works well for kids, thanks to its similarity to the adult version.  

$65 ($100 Adult)

Recommended for: medium- to high-arched feel with neutral biomechanics

Shape: semi-curved   Construction: Strobel slip-lasted  

Sizes: children 10.5–13.5; youth 1–7 (D width)