The Cadence bridges the gap between Brooks' slightest and most engineered shoes. The upper has undergone a transformation, adopting an asymmetrical lacing setup, and a tongue which opens on the medial side only - wrapping the foot snugly without compromising the fit.

The closed mesh from round one has been replaced by something simileiar but now reflective threads cover the entire shoe for improved visibility. The Nav-band and overlays continue to keep the foot lined up over the midsole, their function equally effective. The midsole, BioMogo and DNA continues unchanged from its introduction - in material and the four-millimeter geometry that the Pure Project introduced to the Brooks line. The outersole likewise, has been retained thanks to its minimal  design and the effectiveness with which it functioned in version one. The Cadence delivers light weight performance with just enough structure, a message that resonates with fans.

Testers: “Love the fit, though it took time to get used to the tongue fixed on one side. The ride was light and snappy, but really long runs, for me, were beyond its range.”

Sizes: Men: 7–13,14; Women: 5–12
Weight: 9.8 oz. (men’s size 11); 8.5 oz. (women’s size 8)
Shape: semi-curved
Construction: Strobel slip lasted, S257 Strobel board
Recommended for: low- to high-arched feet with neutral biomechanics to very mild overpronation