Hi my name is Brody Hudson, I'm a thirteen year old middle distance/distance runner. I run the 1500m and 3000m run. I run for Ultimate Speed Academy and I've have been running for 4 years now and have qualified for the Junior Olympics 3 out of the 4 years. My first year running was very difficult because I did not know what to expect. My times were ok and I did pretty well for my first year, I won Rookie of the Year, but after I qualified I fractured a bone in my foot so I was not able to go to the AAU Junior Olympics but I finished 8th in both the 800m and 1500m at the USATF National Championship before they could find that I had a fractured foot through the MRI several days after my qualifier. This injury made me feel sad but I didn't let it stop me.

The next year was very hard mentally. I would never give my best in my races and would just settle for second almost ever meet, but I still qualified for the Junior Olympics. When I arrived at the Junior Olympics it was packed. During my 3000m race, my lack of effort made me receive 9th place, and during my 1500 I was not feeling prepared and from my prior injury I had started having heel pain which caused me to get tired and not be able to do my best. I did run with my teammates in the 4 x 800 winning the Silver Medal.  This all stunk but it was better for me to take it as a learning experience and to improve on things for next year.

After that season my brother and I started working with a personal trainer to get better and to be in shape before the season started. When the season started we were in great shape. This year was going to be a different year. I learned to trust my training and my body. My times improved by a lot and I started to feel more confident in myself. That year, 2015, in the AAU Junior Olympics I finished 3rd in the 3000 with a time of 10:19:090 losing the silver medal by 6 milliseconds, 10:19:084 and my brother won the silver medal in the 3000 meter Race-walk.

 After last year I realized that I can have a bright future in track and decided to train extra hard over the winter so I could come into this track season as the best I could be. I would run for thirty minutes every day and run about 30 miles a week. I came into the season as strong as ever and my second race I ran a personal record in my 1500meters at 4:42:03, and in my third race I ran a personal record in the 3000 meters at 10:11:37, it was then I started having problems.

 The next few weeks I started having a stomach pain which was so bad that I had to miss a track meet one week, but I knew I would have to come back the next week stronger. That didn't happen! After missing that week, everything went downhill and I started experiencing hip pain. I thought it was from playing football or either I had a pulled hamstring but the pain was really bad. My times started to get worse and it got to the point where I could not finish my teams practices. We then went to the doctor/orthopedic surgeon and got an x-ray of my hip area.  The Doctor then came in and the first thing he told us was this isn't good. He told me that I had fractured my hip growth plate and that I could not put any weight on my leg or it could break away and that I may not recover from surgery and not be able to run again like before! He then put me on crutches for 3 weeks and then I will start physical therapy 2 times a week and if all goes well I could start some light running in 6 weeks.

Well, we went back to the doctor and he said I’m healing but not well enough to get off the crutches! I have to stay on them for another 2 weeks and then go back for another set of X-rays.

During all this time I have been playing lots of video games and getting to eat some of my favorite meals that I don’t get to eat during track season. I have been trying to do some work on my upper body until I can get back to running. I’m not allowed to go into the pool because I might cause some damage to the growth plate so I have been forced to just sit and watch other kids playing in the pool. I do sometimes just put my feet in the water just to feel the temperature.

I did go out and watch some of my teammates compete at the Jr Olympics qualifier. I was sad I could not get out there with them but was glad to see them all do so well.