Brief Interview with Megan O' Reilly

YR: Congratulations! First a great Cross Country season & now a brilliant Indoor 5k!

MOR: Thank you.

YR: How did you feel as far as the pace - I was a little concerned at first?

MOR: Oh my god it was almost too hectic! I know I was not supposed to go out fast &, if anything, I
was supposed to go out a little bit slow, just because I've never run a 5K for track but I felt good &  I just tried to keep it up. My Mom was screaming if I was under or over - she was like: you're under 5 - you're under 7 & I felt well. Oh my gosh it was exciting!

YR: Did it take any getting used to running on the track, as far as getting a feel for it?

MOR: Not really. I didn't feel anything. I heard about a bounce but it was just exciting. I really don't feel
anything when I'm running. I just felt really good. It was amazing!

YR: You said that your Mother was helping you with the pace?

MOR Yes but she did not give me times but she was in the corner & had figured out the pace & what time I
should be at - say for 300 meters, so she'd just stand there & go 'you're 5 under or two over' because
I can't keep track of all those numbers like 6:27: I'd go what's that & what lap
am I on?

YR: With a 300 meter track it would make it even more interesting.

MOR: Yes & it was just perfect for me to say two under or 5 under - I needed to know whether to speed up or
down & that's really all I needed to know.

YR: It was a great race! Good luck the future!