EDITORS NOTE: You've probably heard that last week was a big one for Briana at the IAAF World U20 Track and Field Championships. She upset the 100m for the win and became the youngest to ever win that event at U20. Then, she came back and won the 200m for a blow out double win.  This interview was done a couple of months ago for a feature in Youth Runner Magazine. Little did we know that she would have so much success this soon.



You left an impression with the crowd at the CARIFTA Games (Carribean Free Trade Association) recently by running the fastest 15-year old female time of 11:13 in the 100m, a personal best of 23.11 in the 200m, won the Austin Sealy Award, and helped the Jamaican 4x100m relay win a title. What can you tell us about that experience?


Correction I ran my 11.13 at Bob Hayes in Jacksonville. At CARIFTA Games I ran 11.27 and 23.11. It was a great experience. I had lots of fun and my accomplishments were good. 

Winning the 200m at the IAAF World U20 | Photo by Klotz Images


If we go back to last year's CARIFTA, how did your mindset change and what did you do differently over the last twelve months to get you to this point?

Last years’ was my first time ever competing there so I was young and really hadn’t experienced anything like it. But going into this year’s meet I had a different mindset to focus on my races and to do what my coach has to say. 


 This was in Tampere at IAAF World U20 "before" the track meet started. By Steve Klotz


How has your coach Ato Boldon helped you to improve?

It has been great, he is an amazing coach and he always makes sure that his athletes are healthy and doing great. He’s helped me improve in track & field by teaching me some of his techniques that he used to do when he was running.


100 meter at the U20 | Photo by Steve Klotz


What's the best advice he has given to you so far?

Always stay focused and making sure I give my best in all that I do.



What are your goals for the rest of the season?

My goals are to run faster and go sub 11.0 and sub 23.0.


 Photos by Klotz Images


How do you overcome nervousness in big competitions, or are you just naturally confident?

I try my best to not think about it too much, but usually I get butterflies in my stomach in each race especially the 200. 


Photo by Eric Ward


Do you have any rituals or lucky socks for race day?

I have no rituals, but I do like to get different hair styles for my big competitions.


Photo by Eric Ward


Has there been a disappointing race experience in the past for you?  If so, what did you do to recover from it mentally?

I would say getting 3rd place at CARIFTA 2017 because I knew I had it until the last 30 meters of the race but then I over rotated my back too much which caused me to lose the race. I recovered from it mentally by just saying to myself,  “At least you came home with a medal and just try not to do that again.”



What are the other big meets on your schedule for this year?

Jamaica Junior Trials, World U20 Championships, and Adidas Dream 100.


Dream 100m at the Adidas Boston Games | Photo Run


Can you tell us about your training? What is a typical week like for you?


Monday is usually a hard day for me, Tuesday is a semi hard day, Wednesday is off day, Thursday sometimes would be block starts and Friday would be like working on form during our workout.



Are there any special foods you eat or just anything goes?

I eat basically eat anything but I do love sushi and ice cream



What are you like off the track?  What do you do for fun?

I like to take a lot of pictures, also I like to dance, eat, go to the beach, and I really love to sleep, and sometimes hang out with friends. 


 Dream 100m at the Adidas Boston Games | Photo Run

Take me through your school day, what is your favorite subject or topics you are the least interested in.


Well I have four 90-minute classes a day.   Two classes I enjoy most are Anatomy & Court Procedures. The topic I’m least interested in is Geometry, but I still maintain an A grade. 


Are there any big projects you're involved in at school or extra curricular activities...or do you even have time for anything besides your training?

It is difficult for me to have other activities after school because of track. 




About Jamaica, I should know this but since you live in Florida does than mean you have dual citizenship?

Yes I have dual citizenship 


Do you eat anything special the morning of a big track meet?

I love pancakes or if I am in Jamaica I love my porridge 



How about the night before?

Anything seafood or pasta


What advice do you have for the young girls that are coming up behind you competing in AAU and USATF?


Always make sure you work hard and believe in yourself. The track meets that you are running in now help you for the bigger and future track meets that you will run in when you get older. And dream big!



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Briana’s Favorites:

Color - Red

App - Instagram

Music - Hip Hop & Dancehall 

Training shoes - Adidas 

Sport besides track -  Just track because that is my main focus.

Professional athlete -  Serena, Usain Bolt and Shelly-Ann

Movie – Black Panther

Food - Sushi, Ice Cream and Cakes

Track Venue- Issa Boys and Girls champs in Jamaica






9-  14.17


11- 12.87

12- 12.64

13- 12.25

14- 11.7

15- 11:13





9-  29.69





14- Skipped that year for 200


16- 23.11