PIERZ - Brainerd’s Allison Kosobud gained top area honors during Monday’s Rey Zimney Pioneer Stampede with a fifth-place time of 15:31.1.

The Warrior girls placed three runners in the top 10 and finished second as a team. Maria West ran an eighth-place time of 15:53.3 and Sarah Yeh followed her in 10th with a time of 15:54.7.

“It was Abby Selisker’s best run of the season,” said Brainerd head coach Dave Herath. “With Allison and Maria finishing in the top 10, and with Sarah and Abby finishing 10th and 15th, to have four in the top 15 was great.”

Maggie Gruber was the top Pierz finisher with a time of 17:12.3 which placed her 39th.

Gerrit Garberich and David Supinski cracked the top 10 for the Warrior boys, who also finished second as a team. Garberich crossed the line with a ninth-place time of 17:30.8 and Supinski placed 10th with a 17:35.7.

“Garberich had his best time ever as well as Supinski,” said Herath. “Zean Baker just missed it, and our fifth and sixth place runners, Connor Gunsbury and Danny Schoonover hit their best time ever. It was a really good afternoon.”

Kyle Becker of Pierz finished in 23rd place with a time of 18:08.8.


Boys results

Team scores: 1-St. Cloud Cathedral 43, 2-Brainerd 81, 3-Long Prairie-Grey Eagle 109, 4-St. Cloud Tech 133, 5-Albany 134, 6-Maple Lake 187, 7-Annandale 211, 8-Mora 213, 9-Hinckley-Finlayson 228, 10-Pine City 231, 11-Foley 244, 12-Milaca 32, 13-Zimmerman 325, 14-Pierz 362, 15-Braham 436

Individual winner: Wade Kruger (SCT) 16:31.3

Brainerd results: 9-Gerrit Garberich 17:30.8, 10-David Supinski 17:35.7, 17-Zean Baker 17:55.1, 21-Peder Smith 18:06.6, 24-Connor Gunsbury 18:10.8, 35-Danny Schoonover 18:31.3, 71-Sam Selisker 19:37.6

Pierz results: 23-Kyle Becker 18:09.8, 64-Will Corbett 19:25.5, 88-Matt Janson 20:27.7, 91-Elias Schomer 21:12.3, 96-Daniel Tautges 22:17.8, 98-Mitchell Czech 22:40.1


Girls results

Team scores: 1-St. Cloud Cathedral 71, 2-Brainerd 75, 3-Annandale 85, 4-Maple Lake 140, 5-Albany 146, 6-Milaca 161, 7-St. Cloud Tech 185, 8-Mora 209, 9-Long Prairie-Grey Eagle 219, 10-Pine City 239, 11-St. Cloud Christian 264, 12-Pierz 298, 13-Mille Lacs 334, 14-Braham 405, 15-Foley

Individual winner: McKenzie Holt (SCC) 14:31.6

Brainerd results: 5-Allison Kosobud 15:31.1, 8-Maria West 15:53.3, 10-Sarah Yeh 15:54.7, 15-Abby Selisker 16:14.2, 37-Lydia Herath 17:11.1, 53-Anja Smith 17:35.1, 57-Sofie Carlson 17:53.1

Pierz results: 39-Maggie Gruber 17:12.3, 49-Megan Hoheisel 17:29.2, 64-Arre Langer 18:01.9, 70 Emma Hoheisel 18:14.2, 76-Dana Hennen 18:44.9, 98-Beth Broschofsky 24:16.0

Next: Pierz at Milaca Invite 10 a.m. Saturday; Brainerd at Albany Invite 4:15 p.m. Sept. 27.