It was beautiful weather for the Vikings as they faced Fegely Middle School at their first home meet at Rogers Lakewood Park. This challenging course was met with determination and hard work that helped many of the grades to clench another win.

The 8th grade girls gained another victory defeating Fegely 17 to 56. Ellie Joll led the way to finish first for the girls with a time of 12:25. Lexi Fergren came in second at 13:02 followed closely behind by Sydnye Nosbusch, Sara Kupsis, and Julia Dooley.

Daniel Dalton received second for the 8th grade boys as they defeated Fegely 21 to 37. Danny came in at 11:02 followed closely by Michael Gerry who received third at 11:24. Following these two were John Buggeln, Ethan McChristian, and Ben Hardwick.

The 7th grade girls had another very successful night defeating Fegely 23 to 34. Julia Rhode came in first overall with a time of 8:05. The following girls came in close behind Emily Miltenberger, Allie DeTorrice, Grace Bollinger, and Emily Farmer.

Fegely defeated the 7th grade boys in a close battle, 38 to 21. Ian Holmes came in first for the 7th grade boys fourth overall with a time of 7:57. Placing closely behind Ian were the following: Gianni Pupillo, Theran Coulopoulos, Nathan Mathews, and Caleb Gall.

The sixth grade girls were able to put another win under their belt as the beat Fegely 19 to 78. Tori Dawson battled hard for first place at the end and triumphed with a time of 8:46. Logan Ferngren received third overall with a time of 9:00 and was followed closely behind by Mary Warner, Elena Kipp, and Taesa Stock.

The 6th grade boys earned a hard fought victory over Fegely 15 to 87. Carlos Martinez received first with a time of 8:05. Ben Franklin 6th grade boys ran away with first through seventh place wins. The following came in close behind Gunnar Pullins, Nathan Budnick, Logan Fullencamp, Blaise Sellers, and Riley Sorrick.