My name is Ciara Martinez and I am a Freshman at King Highschool.

I broke my ankle last year which took a tough turn on my running career and life. It had been over a whole year and I hadn't seen any improvements for my running until finally on my district race. I have been training very hard , waking up early in the morning for extra mileage , doing rehab , and eating healthier than ever but no results would show until Wednesday.

I had a big target on my back already because I was coming back from being a World Record Holder which everyone knew me as. Lots of girls already knew who I was and what I had done but they didn't know that I was going to make my comeback as quick as possible as well as strong as possible. I raced the 3200 meter and placed third , which was great especially for not training in the two mile and it not being my race.

Two days later I raced the mile , the race itself was very tough with all the girls pushing and shoving. I was boxed in for the first or two laps because the other coaches told their athletes to block me in. Elbows were being thrown everyone but I know it was track and I had to stick to my racing plan to win . I was falsely accused of pushing and racing " dirty " but on my third lap I was pushed off the track. I quickly jumped back on the track and waited till 450 meters left. When the 450 mark came I took off and kicked to the finish.

I ended up winning and coming pretty close to my PR , only 8 seconds off . I had not run a mile this fast in over 1 1/2 year so being able to run this race and win was such an amazing feeling. I got many negative comments but this only shows me that I am back to where i used to be and my biggest advice to any runners going to a tough time with competitors is success is the best revenge.