Sprinter Evan D. Crayton will compete in the Armature Athletic Union track and field national championship Junior Olympic Games for the second time.

Cleveland Mustangs Track and Field Club sprinter Evan D. Crayton, 9, won the opportunity to compete in the 2012 AAU (Armature Athletic Union) Track & Field National Championship Junior Olympic Games a second time -- this year in Humble, Texas.

Evan exhibited his speed and competitiveness at the AAU Area 11 National Qualifier Track & Field meet held at Wittenberg University in Springfield, Ohio June 27-29. He placed first in the 200-meter dash (29.81 seconds, personal record) and 400-meter dash (1:09.47), and second in the 100-meter dash (14.71 PR).

Evan also performed well at the 2012 AAU Lake Erie District Championship, finishing first in the 400 and 200, and second in the 100.

Evan is the 2011 AAU Area 9 National Qualifier 100 and 400 champion, the 200 runner-up; the 2011 USATF (United States of America Track & Field) Ohio Association Junior Olympic Outdoor Championship 100 champion, 400 runner-up, and 200 third-place finisher; the 2011 AAU Lake Erie District Championship 100, 200 and 400 champion; the 2011 USATF Lake Erie Association Junior Olympic Outdoor Track & Field Championship 100, 200 and 400 champion; and the 2010 AAU Lake Erie District Championship 200 champion.

Evan plays soccer for the Columbus Crew Jr., North Club and the Avon Azzuri travel teams. He completed third grade in the Avon Public School System with a B+ grade average.