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Daniel Brooks, Bowen Shuttleworth, Sean Conley, Reece Suttleworth, and George Brown.



Nationwide track and field success turned out to be just a few seconds out of reach for a group of local Arlington students. At the Hershey’s Virginia State Track and Field Games, held on June 16 in Charlottesville, local athletes competed alongside others from all over the state for places in the Hershey’s Track and Field North American Final.


Sean Conley, a competitor from Arlington, who advanced to the state meet had “lots of fun” and he said he was confident during the races.

Conley competed along with his Arlington Rangers travel soccer teammates Daniel Brooks, Bowen Shuttleworth, Reece Shuttleworth, and George Brown.

The jump to competitive running from travel soccer was surprisingly easy for these young athletes, according to Bruce Shuttleworth, whose sons Reece and Bowen ran in the event. He found his boys to be talented runners when they, as 9 year olds, beat the adults in the Pat Tillman Charity 5K.

Word spread quickly and soon the boys found themselves in the state meet, after having placed either first or second in both the local and district meets. The local Arlington meet, held at the end of May, attracted about 120 participants. From that group, 13 local athletes moved onto the state meet.

At the state meet, many local athletes were very successful:

  • Anna Stefanou placed first in the Girls 13-14, 800m run. Time: 2:35.11
  • Bowen Shuttleworth placed first in the Boys 9-10, 100m dash. Time: 14.78
  • Sean Conley placed first in the Boys 9-10, 400m run. Time: 1:11.96.
  • Bennett Crow placed first in the Boys 13-14, 800m run. Time: 2:17.12
  • The Boys 9-10 relay team placed first: Reece Shuttleworth, George Brown, Daniel Brooks and Sean Conley
  • Juliana Walker placed 2nd in the Girls 11-12 200m run with time 29.59
  • Kate Cressey took 2nd in the Girls 13-14, softball throw. Distance: 132'11.5"
  • George Brown placed 5th in the Boys, 9-10 softball throw. Distance 105'03.75"
  • Nathan Dobbins placed 3rd in the Boys, 13-14 Long Jump. Distance: 8'7"
  • Alex Craig 6th in the Boys, 13-14 softball throw. Distance: 141'1"

The state meet was one of many nationwide qualifiers for the North American final meet, in which 480 athletes will participate. Despite top finishes, Virginia’s five athletes in the national meet will not include any Arlingtonians, unless a replacement is needed. Places in the North American Final are determined on a regional basis and many Arlington athletes fell a few seconds short of times run by other competitors in the Southeast.

The Arlington Ranger boys said they plan to keep up with track and field in the future.

The Hershey Company sponsors the event.

Arlington participants at the state meet:

  • Anais Beauvais
  • Daniel Brooks
  • George Brown
  • Sean Conley
  • Alex Craig
  • Kate Cressey
  • Bennett Crow
  • Nathan Dobbins
  • Bowen Shuttleworth
  • Reece Shuttleworth
  • Anna Stefanou
  • Juliana Walker