Coach Briggs with his team called the MD Leap Squad has turned in some impressive performances this last year...we wanted to find out what Keinan was doing right.


Track and Field athlete, coach, and mentor Keinan Briggs is setting a new standard for high school and youth track and field jumps programs. Keinan Briggs is a world-class triple jumper who was able to train himself to two USA National Championships and now he is passing the torch to his youth athletes.

Coach Keinan Briggs has now proven to be one of the top jumps coaches in Orange County and he has his goals set on ranking amongst the Nation’s best. Briggs is the head jumps coach at Mater Dei Catholic High School in Santa Ana, CA which was recognized as the top athletic school in America. In 4 seasons Briggs has helped develop 8 collegiate track and field athletes. Last season Briggs had an impressive 5 of the top 12 girl triple jumpers in the country.


“Developing a talented athlete is the real challenge within coaching”, said Briggs

Briggs’ average improvements seen within his athletes over the past 4 seasons have been very impressive. In the triple jump, Ryan Finnie (Class of ’13) improved over 6’, Art Hinojosa (Class of ’13) also saw a 6’ improvement over their two seasons with Briggs. Kyra Coley and Jazmin Moss received a full four year cycle with Briggs and saw a 7’ improvement from their freshman year personal best marks.

Briggs has a youth track club team, The LEAP Squad Track Club which is open to youth and high school track and field athletes, the improvements have also been impressive. Many athletes were 1st year LEAP Squad athletes and now are developing varsity ready marks into their perspective high schools.


The difference Briggs brings to the table is unique ability to correct the technical aspects and see minor details. Briggs really puts an emphasis on track as a primary sport and essentially has truly dedicated athletes.


What is the key to your success so far?


“Making it clear to the athletes that track and field is a primary sport. Track and field has been mislabeled as a supplement sport. Joining track to get a six pack or stay in shape for another sport has tainted our sport. I run my program similar to a collegiate program and at the college level there you’ll find full-time track and field athletes. When kids join my jumps team they quickly realize how much dedication is required, the ones who are not serious about it choose a different sport. My youth team is very similar however designed for the kids to see that track is fun once you put they work in. The overall focus is developing a mentally ready athlete, the results will always come.


What is your training schedule like?

High school age athletes work on a yearly track calendar. Summer time we rest 4-6 weeks then start up with a 5 week summer camp 4 days per week, 2 hours per day. The focus is to open flexibility, light muscular conditioning; basically get the body ready to handle fall conditioning. In the fall we train 3 days per week. We introduce weights training and increase the intensity of our training. Late fall we move into event specific training and speed work. The winter season we have a light indoor season using the few meets as a competitive practice. For example we will compete in shoes and jump from a half approach. By the time season training comes around we are fine tuning and perfecting the technique and enjoying the ride. The youth team uses the same template however they train twice per week for ninety minutes, that’s it. Get the necessary work in then go play, it’s very easy to burn a child out of a new sport.


What’s the Ultimate goal for you as a coach?

I plan to revitalize the jumps in track and field. I am in process of finalizing a “Jumps Only” track meet to be held January of 2016 and produce as many Division 1 caliber athletes as I can.





The first situation we need to clarity is the difference between a sports coach and a personal trainer. A personal trainer has a more specific task, to get an athlete physically stronger and overcome light mental challenges. A sports coach tasks are to not only enhance the physical ability of an athlete but to develop the athlete mentally. Many top professional athletes have personal trainers/strength coaches aside from their sports coaches. It’s more of a challenge to expect a personal trainer to double as a sports coach however a sports coach can double as a personal trainer. In the food world you have an executive chef and the line cooks. The executive chef has the ultimate plan for the dish, the cooks supplement the outcome. A great executive chef understands all the responsibilities of his/her line cooks.


When you have a great well rounded coach you can expect growth in all aspects of your sport. Coach Keinan Briggs noticed this issue because personal trainers are more assessable especially in the sport of track and field.

Coach Briggs does a lot for the track and field community by posting great informational videos and video blog on his social media and website Athletes have seen huge improvments by following his Training Tip Tuesday videos. Make sure to subscribe. Briggs also offers many camps and clinics throughout the year aside from his team training.

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