Alaska ‘s 1st Week of XC 2010

August 22, 2010 by Leo Collins

For most of the prep runners in the US the 2010 XC season will not begin for almost two weeks but Alaskan runners already have eight days, including two Saturdays, under their belt. If the early season action is any indicator, this season will be very different from the previous one with last year’s state results giving little clue as to what may enfold.

The most important meet thus far this year was yesterday’s Bartlett Invitational, which was held at the sight of this year ‘s state meet, which makes the race even more noteworthy. Lathrop & West Valley both ventured from Fairbanks to look at the course, although Courtney Kisner, state champion from West Valley in the large –school division, did not participate. However Kailey Wilson of Kenny Lake, two-time small school state champion, was on hand, yet she placed ‘only’ fifth. Kailey had the fastest time last year for all female runners &, although all runners have off- days & this could simply have been hers (or she trained through it) her finish there was quite a surprise.

Jennette Northey of Service won the event with a very impressive time of 18:45.6. That time, incidentally, would have scored a triumph in any female division last year but it is also especially a good time for this early in the season. Add that to the fact that last year she placed 13th at state with a time of 19:37 & one has to take real interest. Molly Callahan of West Valley placed 2nd at Bartlett with an excellent 18:52, yet she was only 31st at state last year (20:13). Placing third was Jaymi Bethea of Kodiak, who was 18th at state last year. Could these times & placements suggest a changing of the guard? We shall have to wait to see but coming home just behind the trio was Amelia Hennessy of Dimond, who was 9th last fall, Kailey Wilson & then Megan Edic of Lathrop, who finished 7th at state.

Jani Lane made it a sweep of the individual titles for service by running 15:55. Last year he had taken 11th at state, while Kyle Hanson (23rd at state) earned 2nd at Bartlett with 16:03. While young male runners can be expected to improve from year to year & the Bartlett course is not the Palmer one, both runners showed marked improvements in their times. One indication, however, of Lane ‘s running is compare his time with former three-time state champion Trevor Dunbar on this course as a senior and Trevor ran 15:45 in the year he qualified for Foot Locker. Brandon Brewster of Anchorage South scored a bronze medal & he had been but 20th at state last fall. Noted runners, who trailed the duo, were Pat Nugent of Lathrop, who placed 4th after taking 9th at state, & John Klein of Grace Christian (6th in ’09).

The team results found Service victorious in both male & female events. Grace & Dimond took 2nd & 3rd in the girls’ race, while Kodiak and Lathrop followed in the boys’ scoring.

A cursory look at other early action from Alaska.

North Pole - That same Saturday Courtney Kisner ran 20:06 on the Chena Lakes course to win the North Pole All Schools race defeating her West Valley team mate Malia Simpson plus Kelly Schmitz of North Pole. Gavin DeWilde of North Pole ran 17:37 to easily garner the guys’ title over team mate Joseph Gilmore.

Seward Invite - Friday ‘s race saw Noah Ripley of Wasilla win in a time of 19:09. Jenna Ford, also of Wasilla, raced home first for the gals in 19:09 defeating Bailey Beeson of Kenai Central, who ran 19:43.

Colony Twilight (Tue) Jenna Ford scored over the 2.4 kilometer course in a time of 9:38. Audrey Michaelson of Colony (9:46) & Jaymi Bethea of Kodiak (9:47) placed 2nd & 3rd. James Osowaski of Kodiak bested Noah Riply & Josh Pahkula of Wasilla

West Valley Invitational (Aug. 15) Kylee Hanson of Lathrop won here with a time of 10:23 over 3.2K course at the Alaska Fairbanks West ski trails. He defeated Pat Nugent (10:36) & Ryer Kornkven (11:12).

Heather Edic clocked 12:55 to top her West Valley teammate Sydney Stone (14:16). Courtney Kisner did not run.

Nikiski Class Races - John Klein of Grace easily had the best time for the guys with 17:36 & his teammate John Weber (17:54) was next by time. Mariah Applegate of Grace had the fastest of the eligible times with 20:47.

It should be noted that a great emphasis has not been placed on team scoring for many teams have runners, who are not eligible due to the fact that they have not run in enough practices. This renders the scoring fairly meaningless. A classic example was in a dual race wherein a team lost in spite of the fact that its runners should have shut out their competition, yet because of running many ineligible runners, the team, which should have easily claimed victory, actually lost badly.

It is early in the season & Alaska should have a very interesting season as things progress

Bartlett Results

Girls Team scores

  1. South Anchorage 61 2) Grace Christian 99 3) Dimond 121 4) Service 134
  1. West Valley 167 6) West Anchorage 182 7) East Anchorage 184
  1. Kodiak 187 9) Lathrop 211 10) Palmer 270 11) Eagle River 315, 12) Chugiak 354 13) Bartlett 371 14) Bethel 385.

    Girls Individual Results

  1. Jennette Northey Service 18:45.6;

  2. Molly Callahan West Valley 18:52.8

  3. Jaymi Bethea Kodiak 19:00.8

  4. Amelia Hennessy Dimond 19:12.7

  5. Kailey Wilson Kenny Lake 19:16.3

  6. Megan Edic Latrop 19:20.6

  7. Sarah Freistone Dimond 19:31.4

  8. Emma Minge South Anchorage 19:34.4

  9. Mariah Applegate Grace Christian 19:36.7

  10. Katy Culver South Anchorage 19:40.1

  11. Eliza Rorabaugh West Valley 19:44.3

  12. Tsaina Mahlen South Anchorage 19:49.0

  13. Rachel Roelle West Anchorage 19:53.8

  14. Elle Arnold Grace Christian 20:00.2

  15. Kelly Yanoshek South Anchorage 20:00.5

  16. Merielle Vania South Anchorage 20:04.4

  17. Sarah Ng Kodiak 20:07.7

  18. Alexandra Okeson Service 20:10.7

  19. Stephanie Kirk South Anchorage 20:13.9

  20. Kim Fitgerald Lathrop 20:24.3

    Boys Team scores

  1. Service 44 2) Kodiak 79 3) Lathrop 89 4) West Valley 115
  1. Chugiak 139 6) Grace Christian 159 7) South Anchorage 187 8) Dimond 223
  1. East Anchorage 267 10) Palmer 306 11) Bartlett 318 12) West Anchorage 340 13) Eagle River 352 14) Bethel 381 15) ACS 392 16) Kotzebue 536.

Boys Individual Results

  1. Jani Lane Service 15:55.4
  2. Kyle Hanson Lathrop 16:03.7
  3. Brandon Brewster South Anchorage 16:17.7
  4. Pat Nugent Lathrop 16:28.5
  5. Aaron Wheatall Service 16:33.1
  6. Kuba Grzede West Valley 16:37.0
  7. James Leder WV, 16:41.4
  8. John Klein Grace 16:42.5
  9. Max Romey Service 16:42.8
  10. Nathan Deer Kodiak 16:46.6
  11. Cole Christiansen Kodiak 16:47.2
  12. Lucas Hepler Service 16:56.1
  13. James Osowski Kodiak 16:59.2
  14. Isaac Lammers Chugiak 17:02.7
  15. John Weber Grace 17:03.6
  16. Mitchell Brown Dimond 17:07.4
  17. Ben Wheatall Service 17:09.8
  18. Lucas Schlemme Service 17:14.9
  19. Dylan Nixon-Helms Lathrop 17:17.2
  20. Jordan Fogle Kodiak 17:19.