Maybe you're thinking about working yourself up to a 5K run this spring or getting in some regular mileage.

Addison Hendricks, ( by mistake I first called him Kenny as his email name is kennynuggets) rolled out of bed on January 3rd and made his way over to Booker T. Washington High School in Pensacola, Florida for the inaugural Wildcat 100 Ultra races.

The "Wildcat" includes a 48-Hour race, a 24-Hour race, a 100-Mile race, and a 100K race.

Lots of race day choices but Addison had his sights set on the 48-Hour race and an American record.

Here's how it looked, a total of 34 runners stepped up but 16 year old Addison busted the 48-hour American Junior (age 19 and under) record of 207.600 kilometers (128.996 miles) formerly held by James Bonnet. Addison ran 130.27 miles (209.649 kilomters) in 37 hours, 37 minutes, 59 seconds. Whoa!



We talked with Kenny...I mean Addison, he said that his next goal is to set the American Youth 100 Road Race if he can find such a race. This month he is running a 50K and we can't wait to find out how that goes for him.


On how he trains?

A random week in January


Monday: Easy 10 miles (4 tredmill 6 road).  


Tuesday: Track workout 30x200.


Wednesday: Recovery 6 miles road.


Thursday: LSD. Long slow distance. 10 miles road


Friday: Recover 3 miles.  


Saturday: 5k race called We Believe in Children's Run.

Sunday: Day off  (dreaming about the next record)


Watch for some blog posts from Addision when he has a between records and such.