Compression Socks are one of latest trends in the running scene. You see everyone from triathletes to elite runners sporting them.

I was able to review the ATN Knee High Compression Socks, and these are my thoughts.

Aesthetically, they look pretty good. The material isn't too thick, and they fit in all my running shoes comfortably. The socks feel like a second skin, and sizing is pretty accurate. To compare the benefits of this sock to a normal sock, on two different occasions, I ran 4 miles at 7 minute pace. With the normal sock, I was little bit sore after the workout, whereas with these knee high socks, I wasn't sore.

I've owned Nike ones, but I think the ATN Socks are better quality. After first wash and wear I haven't noticed any holes or discoloration. One thing I wish ATN would make is more discreet colors in these socks. Some basic colors would be nice as sometimes I want my socks to blend with my outfit. Other wise, I have no complaints about the ATN socks and they are well worth purchasing.

Check out the other cool colors, patterns and benefits of Compression Socks at their website and if you like anything you can purchase there also.