EDITOR'S NOTE: YR Blogger Ciera has been posting some great blogs and product reviews over the last couple of months. Last Saturday she went to the CIF-California State Track and Field Championships in Clovis, CA. and did some one on one interviews.


On June 2, history was made at the CIF State Track & Field Championships. This year marked the 100th anniversary and many runners made their own history by breaking records and achieving personal goals. Maddy Denner, Elena Denner, Quoi Ellis, and Tierra Robinson-Jones are just a few of the many athletes that showed strength, perseverance, and courage.


Oak Ridge High School Long Distance Runners: Maddy and Elena Denner

Maddy and Elena Denner are identical twin sisters that have challenged each other to become better runners throughout their high school running careers. They are from Oak Ridge High School in El Dorado Hills. The sisters train together and race alongside each other. “It’s so exciting. When I knew that Elena was going to be state champ in the 3200, I said to myself, I have to hold on for second. It gave strength when she took the lead,” said Maddy Denner.


They have great sportsmanship towards each other and other opponents. It is their sisterly-bond that makes them want to do better and succeed in their running aspirations. “It’s so amazing having Maddy as a training partner. And getting to race against her is so fun. She calms me down so much,” said Elena Denner. They bring each other up, so they can be pushed to their full potential.


Each sister is a state champion, and so proud of each other’s accomplishments. On Saturday, Elena got first in the 3200, and fourth in the 1600. Maddy got first in the 1600, and second in the 3200. Both sisters are now headed off to college in the Fall. Maddy is going to Michigan State University, and Elena is headed to the University of Notre Dame. Each of the sisters aspire to become better runners and hope to continue to challenge each other along the way.


Mt. Carmel High School Sprinter: Quoi Ellis

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Quoi Ellis is a senior at Mt. Carmel High School in San Diego. He is the type of runner that won’t let anything get in his way. He likes to challenge himself to get through any obstacle put in front of him. Ellis ran the 100 and 200 meters on a strained hamstring. He strained his hamstring the night before during the preliminaries. But that didn’t stop Ellis from competing at the finals on Saturday, and trying to place.  “The hamstring injury was a struggle, but I was able to maintain it and push through the injury even though it was a minor setback for me,” said Ellis. “This was my last state meet and I told myself to go for it. I’m glad that I placed.” He did his best, despite the injury, and accomplished his goal by finishing fourth in the 200. He never gave up, and even with the injury from the night before, he earned himself a place on the podium with a fourth-place medal. This medal gave him a school record for the most medals earned. Ellis is a great example of perseverance, showing other athletes that despite small roadblocks along the way, you can still reach your goals. He prospered from not giving up; and he doesn’t let anything get in the way of his running. Ellis is headed to run for the University of Oklahoma in the Fall.



Bishop O’Dowd High School Sprinter: Tierra Robinson-Jones



Tierra Robinson-Jones is sprinter that strives to be the best. She is a senior at Bishop O’Dowd High School in Oakland. She trains hard and uses her running skills, to win races. She got first in the 200 and 400 meters. “I’m ecstatic and excited. O’Dowd hasn’t won a state title in a couple of years. For me to do that makes me happy and proud,” said Robinson-Jones. She is the first girl from Northern California to become state champion in the 200 and 400-meter events. She made history, as she sprinted her way towards victory.


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It was everything she’d dreamed of, and now accomplished. On June 8, she will compete at the Brooks PR Invitational in Shoreline, Washington. And, in the Fall, Robinson-Jones will head to Texas A & M University to run track and field.


These and so many other athletes at the CIF State Championships proved that if you dare to try your best, and to have a dream, you can break records and achieve those goals. These extraordinary runners are just a few examples of the passion and competitive vibe felt at the championships. The common advice for other runners was to always push through the pain or obstacles and never let go of what you want.