The 2011 United Age Group Track Coaches Association Youth Invitational is taking another step into the future. For the first time the UAGI will be brought to you live. UsportsTV, a state of the art web cast production company will broadcast the 2011 UAGI live directly from Leslie C. Quick Stadium on the campus of Widener University as each event unfolds. From the first 200 meter hurdle race to the final 4X400 meter relay event, every race, result and ceremony will be broadcast via the internet live. Subscribers will be given several viewing options to select from, including daily or complete meet Pay-Per-View packages as well as the ability to purchase a DVD of the complete action when the meet is complete.

You don't normally get this kind of attention at ordinary youth meets but we've told you all along the UAGI is no ordinary meet. Our goal is to be on the leading edge of Youth meet presentation and live up to our motto.

Youth Athletes are our ONLY concern

So sit back, relax and tune in to enjoy the first ever live production of the United Age Group Track Coaches Association Youth Invitational!

No ordinary meet!

Go to the Meet Web Site at www.uagtca.org/invitational.htm and click the 'Go Live' icon to subscribe. Don't miss a moment of the action.

Thanks, Your UAGI Team