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Sean Coster


Sean is the founder of "Complete Running Programs", has been a college runner, writer, and is a coach at the Nike Sports Center.


Coster has 15 years’ experience coaching athletes of all ages and abilities, from recreational runners aiming for personal bests to elite competitors working toward national- and world-class performances, from middle school to masters competition. Under his guidance, Colleen Little shaved three critical minutes off her personal record and won the 2012 Portland Marathon with a time of 2:51:35. Backed by a degree in science and graduate work in kinesiology, Coster applies his knowledge of biomechanics and physiology to helping runners train properly, avoid injuries and find success. Individualized training plans are formulated through a combination of approaches, including biomechanical evaluation, movement analysis, physiology testing, exercise prescription and skills instruction. Coster holds the highest running certifications offered by the country’s top running organizations, including the U.S. Track & Field Association and Road Runners Club of America. He is the head running coach for Nike, Inc., and former coach and co-founder of Run Portland, a non-profit competitive running club. His services have been utilized by a range of top-tier organizations, such as Mizuno, Runner's World, Map My Fitness, Oregon Health and Science University. His advice has been featured in Runners World, Running Time and Active.com. Also an avid runner and racer, Coster enjoys competing in road races from 5K to half marathon, and on the trails up to 50K. His favorite runs are exploring the wooded and high mountain trails of the Pacific Northwest. Coster’s personal bests are: 800m—2:00*, 1500m—4:03*, 3000m—8:39, 5000m—14:50, 10,000m—32:20*, Half Marathon—1:12, Marathon—2:51 (NYC). *Accomplished at an altitude of more than than 6,000 feet.

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