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My son runs the 1500 and 800

Answered By Mick Grant & John Molvar


My son runs the 1500 (pr of 5:46) and 800 (pr of 2:59) on an AAU track team that is coached by a sprinter. Having now read your book I am taking a more active role in the team trying to coach the 800+ m runners. We just had our regionals July 4th weekend, and next major race is the aau Jr. Olympics. So much time has been wasted on pointless anaerobic intervals (my son is 8), but target race is 30 days away. I know your views on anaerobics for 12U kids, but what's the best general strategy to improve my and the other kids times? Stick primarily with tempo runs/long runs/basic speed, or continue with some degree of anaerobics given the "late start" we are having? Book was great but depressing to see all the mistakes that have been made. My son is also on the 4x100 relay team which he loves but he ends up missing distance training to work on exchange zone handoffs. Thanks for writing the book, I learned a lot.


Being on the 4 x 100 is good. You want the kids to get faster. No problem practicing handoffs. For long term development, most runs should be easy distance. For development races, do more 200/400 races while building base for longer primary event. Speed and strength. A little practice can be on 800m goal pace. This is not sprint training. Don't do this much with young kids. Older kids might do 6 200s, at current 800 pace now and gradually work towards goal. It is important to do this correctly. 200m walk/jog recovery depending on age ***most of my kids did 4 x 100. we had 5 team make it to Hershey in the 4 x 100, back in Hershey days*** FYI, Phyllis Francis was a Hershey champ

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