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I have a 12 year old sprinter

Answered By Drew Wasmund


I have a 12 year old that runs the 100, 200, and 400. He will compete in the State Junior Olympics on 06/25 and 06/26. He got a PR this past weekend in the 100(13.9 down to a 13.3) and 200(29.35 down to a 27.8) and as a result, we are not competing this weekend. The next opportunity to compete before the JO meet is on 06/18. Should he compete in this meet or just train these next few weeks?


Coach Mick says: Generally, it is better to train more than race more. Sprinters can usually race a little more than distance runners. 1. how many races are on the schedule? if the schedule only includes 3-5 competitions, adding another is fine. 2. how much training is done now? do you think that is enough to accomplish goals? are goals appropriate? 3. how are technical skills such as block starts? can more gains be made by training or racing? i can't give a complete answer with incomplete information. Coach Drew says: "I would have him compete. Maybe the 100/200 double, or just the 400. Generally speaking, sprints, jumps, throws, competition is almost always good. If he was a distance runner I'd say then probably step back and train/rest, but as a sprinter, it's probably best to "move" one last time.

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