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I'm aiming for a sub 11 minute 3k

Answered By Drew Wasmund


I'm aiming for a sub 11 minute 3k in cross country next season. I will be in eighth grade. I pb right now is 12:18. Is there any workouts or advice you would like to give me as I work toward this goal?


Hi Cade, Great PB so far! Like any event, at any level, you'll want to do workouts that are appropriate for your goal. For example, an 11:00 3k is about 5:54 per mile. So somewhere in your workouts, you should be doing a buildup to that. An example would be running 400's at that pace...then 800's...then 1k's...with the ultimate goal being able to run a full 3k at that pace. Another way of progressing might be starting slower, and getting faster over the season. 11:00 is also 3:40 per k. So maybe you do an early season workout at say, 3x1k at 4:20, then over the season work down to where you're running them at your goal race pace. These are just a few tidbits, hopefully you have a coach, if not, look around your area for a local youth running group. The most important thing for training is to stay patient and be consistent. Your best years are ahead of you, and that 11:00 flat 3k will come to you eventually, no need to force it the very next year!!!

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