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Finding a Track Team

Answered By Not an expert


I have a five year old son that loves to run. I have been trying to find a track team for him to join. I live in Georgia and would like to get him on a team. Could any of you give me any list that are out here if you know of any? I am in the Jonesboro area.


Five is a little young to be a member of a track club. There will most likely not be kids his own age for him to run with at the club level. However, check with your local parks and recreation department. Parks and Recreation departments often hold summer age group track meets and may have some races for him to run in. Another idea for someone that loves to run is soccer. My girls (both track athletes now- college and high school) both were involved with soccer. They always felt like they were in great shape for all of their sports because of soccer. Hope this helps!

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