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High Performing Freshman

By Ron Hill  |  Oct 06, 2009


My daughter is in 9th grade and won the first meet she ever ran with a time of 11:28 for the 2 mile, setting the school record. She came back a few weeks later and ran 11:20 in the next meet breaking her own school record. I was concerned that this is too much success too soon. In her third meet she ran 11:51 (a hilly course) and has been running a little flat & not hitting her splits in practice. I was wondering if 3:33 for 5 x 1000 splits is too fast for her to meet realistically based on the times she has run in the meets. Do coaches tend to "set the bar high" not expecting the girls to meet the splits at first? And then raise the bar again when there's improvement? When she mentioned to me she was not meeting her splits I tried to motivate her by saying to think about the district, regional or state meet and her goals as motivation, but she didn't want to discuss it. Was I being too pushy? Just wonder if I should try to motivate her or if it's just going to back fire. Any advice would be appreciated. I'm also concerned I've been bragging on her too much and that might be putting pressure on her as well.

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