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Track shoe type

Answered By Not an expert


My grand daughter, who is 13 years old, is in the eighth grade. She runs 800 meter, 400 meter relay and sprints. Also participates in shot put and discus. We have been shown three types of spiked track shoes...one with no heel for sprinters, one with a small heel and one with a regular heel. Which type of heel would be best for an 8th grader that does a little bit of everything. She says women's track shoes don't work well for her...they are not wide enough. She wears a size 10 men's track shoe.


This is where your specialty running store really earns their money. Most employees are runners or track & field athletes and can help your grand daughter find the right fit for her. Usually they will have a gait analysis and have her actually try and run in the shoes. Going for brand or color will only lead to disappointment. Get advice from an expert.

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