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4th-8th grade cross country coaching

Answered By Mick Grant & John Molvar


I have been coaching 4th through 8th grade cross country for two years now. We have meets on Saturday with 7-8th graders running two miles and the 4-6 grades running 1 mile. We currently have a voluntary practice on Sundays doing an easy 2-3 miles. Monday we do 3-4 miles fairly intense with 4*200m to end practice. We have a Wednesday practice consisting of 1.5m-2.0miles with repeat hills to conclude practice. On Thursday, I am confused on what their practice should consist of. Should I do speed work on the track 2*800 , 4*100, or do an easy 2.5 miles being they will only have one full day of rest before the meet. Should I not have a Thursday practice at all??? Thank you very much for any advice you can provide! Thanks, Coach


Dear Coach, I think that you are better off doing more easy distance running and less speed work. Many of the kids could probably do the 1.5 mile run, then do stretching, pushups & situps then do the 1.5 mile course again! Thursday practices are fine. I assume that the older kids do more than the younger kids. Have fun with them. Fun first, Coach Mick and John

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