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Running form

Answered By Kate O'Neil


What would you consider having great running form?


Your question is certainly a challenging one to answer! My form is not very good. I have been working for many years to improve it, but it is hard to re-train your body. Whenever I start to get frustrated with it, I remind myself that Paula Radcliffe, the women's world record holder in the marathon, has very awkward running form. I'm sure some people saw her run when she was young and assumed she would never become one of the best runners in the world. The important thing is that she makes her form work for her. I think the most important component of great running form is relaxation. If you are nervous and tense, your body will tighten up and slow you down. If you watch the sprinters at the start of the 100 meter dash at the Olympic Trials next week, watch how relaxed their muscles are. Their faces show no signs of tension but they are still ready as soon as the gun goes off to run at lightening fast speed. The 100 meter dash might not be your event, but applying that same relaxed attitude should improve the efficiency of your form.

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