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Mental Toughness

Answered By ian dobson


Hi, I wanted to ask you what you think I should do to stay motivated. I usually do a 2 mile run at around six in the morning before school but some days I get up and just don't feel like doing it at all. Then after school I feel stiff and tired if I didn't do my morning run and don't feel like doing my afternoon run. Then I don't do it and all of a sudden I feel tired and lazy and have a hard time trying to run the rest of the week. I know that I love running because when I do run I feel excellent and happy and feel ready to do it again the next day. I just need some ways to get motivated so I can keep with my schedule and get better instead of feeling great and then slacking off. Thanks for your time.


This is a great question because I think most of us have this problem some times. I have a couple strategies to get myself out the door when my motiation is low. First I try to run with other people as much as possible. It's a whole lot easier to get out for your run when you're looking forward to running with a friend or when you know someone else is counting on you being there. If I'm not running with a friend I like to run with my ipod. Naturally you have to be especially alert when you're running with an ipod so that you're safe, but as long as you do that I think music is a good way to make the time go faster on the days when you're not excited about being out there. I think the most important and most effective thing to do when your motivation is low is to force yourself to think about why you want to do this in the first place. I like to remind myself of how good it feels to show up to a race feeling fit and confident. Once I have that feeling in my mind it's easier to see how every day is important and how they all add up to achieving my goals. I don't think any runner could honestly tell you that they never have trouble with motivation. But running isn't about instant gratification. Some days are great and some are hard, but I think the best reward running offers is the accomplishment and satisfaction that comes from consistent hard work over a long time. Good luck!

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