Mattis breaks state freshman record in disucs at Colts Neck Relays (High school Boys Outdoor Track news) by By JIM LAMBERT , FOR THE STAR-LEDGER Monday April 13, 2009, 9:04 PM

Sam Mattis picked up a discus for the first time 13 months ago when he was an eighth-grader at Churchill Junior High School in East Brunswick.

His throwing career began innocently with a modest 77-footer at his first meet last year, but since then Mattis has become a true student of the event. Mattis has been studying video and going to clinics as he fine-tunes his technique while working out with his father, Marlon, an accomplished hammer thrower during his days at William & Mary.

``I wanted to keep improving and be the best I could be,'' Mattis, a ninth-grader at Churchhill Junior High who competes for the East Brunswick High varsity, said. ``I wanted to have a good freshman year.''

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Good? How about the best freshman season in state history?

That's what Mattis appears headed for after his spectacular record-breaking performance at the Colts Neck Relays yesterday.

On his second throw of the competition, the 15-year-old Mattis sent the discus sailing through a crosswind, close to the 170-foot mark. It landed at 169-6 as the 6-0, 200-pounder smashed the state freshman discus record of 166-2 set 10 years ago by Glenn DiGiorgio of Bayonne. Mattis and teammate Fred Sisto (119-4) won the event with a combined 288-10.

When word spread of Mattis' monumental effort, people at the meet were shocked, but not Mattis.

``I have been getting between 160 and 170 in practice the last few weeks, so I knew it was something I could get,'' Mattis said.

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Mattis got his day started with a 161-11 on his first attempt. He fouled on his final throw.

``After the 161-11, that gave me lots of confidence and I felt like today could be the day to get that record,'' Mattis said.

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Mattis has known about the record since his father looked it up online six months ago.

``He told me what it was and it has always been in the back of my mind,'' Mattis said. ``It's nice to get it, but I want to throw a lot further by the end of the season."

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The U.S. freshman record in the discus is 191-8, set in 1999 by Derek Randall of Beeville, Texas.

``I guess my next goal is to try to get to 192,'' Mattis said.

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Freehold Township, one of the state's top teams, put on a great show in the boys' competition, ripping up the track with four first-place finishes.

Led by Bobby Searby and Ryan Spadola, Freehold Township won the 4x200 (1:31.18), the 4x400 (3:31.54), 4x800 (8:12.55), and the 400 hurdles in 2:57.56.

Searby, one of the state's best-kept secrets, blew open the 4x200 with a third leg of 22.3 into the wind that gave Freehold Township the lead for good. He also ran a meet-best 58.24 to key Freehold Township's victory in the 400 hurdles, and ran 52.9 on the winning 4x400.

Spadola anchored the 4x200 in 22.8 and the 4x400 in 50.4. Freehold Township also received a 1:59.9 anchor in the 4x800 from Abe Hamani.

On the girls side, Middlesex County power South Brunswick won the distance medley in 12:30.33, the 4x200 in 1:47.91 and the long jump with a 31-11.

In the DM, Cayla DelPiano led off with a 3:46.5 for 1,200 and Sophia Ginez anchored with a 5:12.9. Ginez also split 2:20.7 on the runner-up 4x800 and DelPiano ran 2:23.7 in the 4x800.

In the 4x200, South Brunswick received splits of 26.5 from Melissa Dardani, 27.1 from Jamie Thompson, 22.7 from Alicia Osley and 26.8 from Rachel Johnson. [bf]COLTS NECK RELAYS BOYS[nf]

400-METER RELAY: 1-South Brunswick (Jaron Baker, Brian Oni, Kyle Morse and Cody Shelcusky) 44.80. 2-Howell 44.87. 3-Burlington 45.21. 4-Union Catholic 45.47. 5-Hunterdon Central 45.87. 6-East Brunswick 46.16.

800-METER RELAY: 1-Freehold Township (Tyler McKinnon, Matt Intile, Bobby Searby and Ryan Spadola) 1:31.18. 2-South Brunswick 1:32.90. 3-Jackson Liberty 1:33.24. 4-Washington 1:33.85. 5-Howell 1:34.78. 6-East Brunswick 1:34.95.

1,600-METER RELAY: 1-Freehold Township (Matt Intile, Sean Walsh, Bobby Searby and Ryan Spadola) 3:31.54. 2-Toms River North 3:37.67. 3-South Brunswick 3:41.69. 4-Burlington Twp. 3:42.96. 5-Union Catholic 3:49.92. 6-Monroe 3:55.95.

3,200-METER RELAY: 1-Freehold Township (Randy Spadola, Rich Fedak, Greg Tilley and Abe Hamani) 8:12.55. 2-Red Bank Catholic 8:18.88. 3-Colts Neck 8:20.41. 4-Point Pleasant Boro 8:30.63. 5-Jackson Liberty 8:35.59. 6-Toms River North 8:40.88.

6,400-METER RELAY: 1-Hunterdon Central (James Anderson, Hank Ashforth, Ryan Zullo and Mike Saparito) 19:14.74. 2-Freehold Township 19:16.2. 3-Toms River North 19:18.17. 4-East Brunswick 19:34.39. 5-South Brunswick 19:43.73. 6-Red Bank Catholic 20:09.82.

SPRINT MEDLEY RELAY: 1-Colts Neck (Vilius Komskis, Rafael Campos, Vlad Boguslavskiy and Mark Leininger) 3:43.59. 2-East Brunswick 3:44.41. 3-Union Catholic 3:46.34. 4-Jackson Liberty 3:46.79. 5-Manalapan 3:47.69. 6-Howell 3:55.64.

DISTANCE MEDLEY RELAY: 1-Washington (Greg Krause, Tim Carey, Steve Marone and Xavier Fraction) 10:34.06. 2-Toms River North 11:11.89. 3-Colts Neck 11:32.03. 4-Hunterdon Central 11:36.37. 5-South Brunswick 11:39.08. 6-East Brunswick 11:39.80.

[b]SHUTTLE HURDLES:[nf] 1-Jackson Liberty (Chris Lowe, Josh Pagan, Nick Castanheira and Andre Kessler) 1:03.13, meet record; former record, 1:04.0, Howell, 2006. 2-Toms River North 1:07.14. 3-East Brunswick 1:07.84. 4-Freehold Township 1:11.48. 5-Monroe 1:12.22. 6-Union Catholic 1:12.84.

TEAM INTERMEDIATE HURDLES: 1-Freehold Township (Bobby Searby, Jeff Kole and Sean Walsh) 2:57.56. 2-Jackson Liberety . 3-South Brunswick. 4-East Brunswick. 5-Union Catholic. 6-Monroe.

TEAM HIGH JUMP: 1-North Brunswick 11-8. 2-Freehold Township 11-6. 3-Toms River North 11-4. 4-South Brunswick 11-2. 5-Jackson 11-0. 6-East Brunswick 10-10.

[TEAM LONG JUMP: 1-Hunterdon Central (Dan Battaglia and Chris Ibrahim) 39-4. 2-Jackson Liberty 38-3. 3-Freehold Township 37-9. 4-Toms River North 36-9 3/4. 5-East Brunswick 36-4 3/4. 6-Washington 35-4.

TEAM TRIPLE JUMP 1-East Brunswick 76-0 1/4. 2-Union Catholic 76-0 1/2. 3-Toms River North 75-9 1/2. 4-Jackson Liberty 75-8 3/4. 5-South Brunswick 75-1 1/4. 6-Johnson 74-10 1/2.

TEAM SHOT PUT: 1-Jackson 94-3. 2-Jackson Liberty 87-10 1/2. 3-South Brunswick 83-10 1/4. 3-South Brunswick 83-10 1/4. 4-Freehold Township 83-9. 5-Monroe 82-10. 6-Colts Neck 81-6 1/2.

TEAM DISCUS: 1-East Brunswick (Sam Mattis and Fred Sisto) 288-10. 2-Jackson 259-10. 3-Howell 234-2. 4-Hunterdon Central 230-1. 5-Monroe 228-1. 6-Colts Neck 226-9.

TEAM JAVELIN: 1-Johnson 308-1. 2-North Hunterdon 305-2. 3-Howell 277-5. 4-East Brunswick 27-11. 5-Freehold Township 268-11. 6-Red Bank Catholic 254-7.

TEAM POLE VAULT: 1-Toms River North 25-6. 2-South Brunswick and Hunterdon Central 21-0. 4-Jackson and Freehold Township 20-6.


400-METER RELAY: 1-Jackson 49.99. 2-South Brunswick 50.78. 3-Johnson 52.07. 4-Lenape 52.65. 5-Toms River North 52.84. 6-North Brunswick 53.22.

800-METER RELAY: 1-South Brunswick (Melissa Dardani, Jamie Thompson, Alicia Osley and Rachel Johnson) 1:47.91. 2-Freehold Township 1:49.61. 3-North Brunswick 1:50.21. 4-Toms River North 1:51.51. 5-Lenape 1:53.16. 6-Johnson 1:53.25.

1,600-METER RELAY: 1-Jackson 4:06.82. 2-Freehold Township 4:16.98. 3-Toms River North 4:20.20. 4-Lenape 4:22.21. 5-South Brunswick 4:25.70. 6-MHSG 4:29.71.

3,200-METER RELAY: 1-Rumson (Courtney Armstrong, Hannah Satzke, Melissa Bellin and Jaime Carroll)9:50.41. 2-South Brunswick 9:51.03. 3-Hunterdon Central 9:55.08. 4-Red Bank Catholic 10:02.24. 5-Johnson 10:10.20. 6-Toms River North 10:16.19.

6,400-METER RELAY: 1-Washington 22:39.54. 2-J 23:24.36 3-Toms River North 23:37.71. 4-Howell 23:51.29. 5-South Brunswick 23:54.11. 6-East Brunswick 24:06.70.

SPRINT MEDLEY RELAY: 1-Lenape (Mikki Livingston, Mia Hinton, Erika Schultz and Caitlin Orr) 4:19.80. 2-Freehold Township 4:24.15. 3-Red Bank Catholic 4:25.80. 4-Point Pleasant Boro 4:30.33. 5-Union Catholic 4:30.87. 6-North Brunswick 4:32.43.

[nf]DISTANCE MEDLEY RELAY:[nf] 1-South Brunswick (Cayla DelPiano, Janae Baker, Jenni Smilgis and Sophia Ginez) 12:30.33. 2-Hunterdon Central 12:44.22. 3-Rumson 12:48.59. 4-Lenape 13:03.80. 5-Johnson 13:07.98. 6-Colts Neck 13:16.14.

SHUTTLE HURDLES: 1-Lenape (Mia Hinton, Lindsay Hardcastle, Danielle Ward and Advia Campbell) 1:08.61. 2-South Brunswick 1:08.81. 3-Toms River North 1:09.37. 4-Toms River East 1:10.70. 5-Hunterdon Central 1:11.83. 6-Red Bank Catholic 1:12.84.

TEAM 400-METER HURDLES: 1-North Brunswick (Yakira Carpenter, Breanna Nicholson, and Danae Wise) 3:35.20. 2-Jackson 3-Toms River North 4-Lenape. 5-Howell. 6-Red Bank Catholic.

TEAM HIGH JUMP: 1-Lenape (Dee Ward and Kelsey Evanch) 10-0. 2-South Brunswick 9-10. 3-Johnson 9-4. 4-Colts Neck 9-4. 5-Jackson 9-2. 6-Old Bridge 9-2.

TEAM LONG JUMP: 1-South Brunswick 31-11. 2-Freehold Township 30-3 1/4. 3-Jackson 30-1 1/4. 4-Old Bridge 30-0. 5-Johnson 29-8 1/2. 6-Red Bank Catholic

TEAM TRIPLE JUMP: 1-Johnson 68-5 1/4. 2-South Brunswick 67-6. 3-North Brunswick 65-10 1/4. 4-Old Bridge 64-4 3/4. 5-Colts Neck 65-0 1/2. 6-Jackson 63-6 3/4.

TEAM SHOT PUT: 1-Jackson 69-11. 2-North Brunswick 68-3 1/2. 3-East Brunswick 66-6. 4-Toms River North 62-8 1/2. 5-Lenape 60-8. 6-South Brunswick 60-7.

TEAM DISCUS: 1-Jackson (Shannon Watt and Jacqueline Deberry) 208-1. 2-Lenape 198-3. 3-St. Rose 185-0. 4-East Brunswick 177-0. 5-South Brusnwick 173-6. 6-Washington 166-4.

TEAM JAVELIN: 1-Colts Neck 204-10. 2-Toms River North 195-6. 3-Hunterdon Central 186-4. 4-South Brunswick 175-1. 5-Toms River East 155-4. 6-Johnson 149-7.

TEAM POLE VAULT: 1-Hunterdon Central (Brooke Kohler and Rebecca Pavics) 19-0 2-Toms River South 18-6. 3-Toms River North 16-0. 4-Colts Neck 15-6.