Canby Cross-Over Is One for the Record Books 9/29/10 At Molalla River State Park

By Leo Collins


It was a warm sunny day with no clouds in the sky and the competition was a Mt. Hood-Three Rivers League Cross-Over meet: a day when nothing extraordinary was anticipated, yet fans were treated to something very special on Wednesday. To further set the scene the Canby course can be challenging for many, who are used to running on the Oregon parking-lot style courses but it is a course that has stood the test of time. It has been the sight of the traditional Canby Invitational, which began in 1990. The course has withstood the tactical assaults of some of Oregon ‘s finest athletes. Just a look at some of the noted athletes conjures fine old memories of greats like Seth Wetzel, Rick Cantwell, Eric Logsdon, Michael Maag & Bryce Burgess. For the girls Meghan Armstrong, Audrey Botti, Bailey Schutte & Erin McLaughlin have strutted their stuff. This course has such history that, when the race began the girls only ran two miles.

As noted this was a cross-over meet, which many teams, especially this year, have not taken seriously in terms of entrants, general participation, let alone racing. For example last week Paige Rice ran with her team for two miles in anticipation of the Jim Danner meet on Saturday knowing full-well the caliber of the upcoming competition, which is understandable. One early sign that something was up was the serious look on Paige‘s face as she warmed up & it was whispered that she appeared to be taking this seriously. At the start she followed Andrea Dettman of Centennial, as they headed across the bridge & began the climb up the first steep hill. From that point on Paige began to push the pace, as they raced out of sight, and by the time she returned to view, she had already opened up a sizable lead.

Rice raced through the mile in 5:37 and Dettman followed 13 seconds later. It was a serious gap, yet Andrea was running a quality race! They soon raced near the Molalla River before turning back up a slight hill. Paige ‘s time at that point was about 7:00 and her lead over Dettman had reached 19 seconds, yet Dettman was running 35 seconds ahead of her closest pursuer. By the time Paige had returned to the starting area in about 11:07 her lead had expanded to well over half a minute. From here on in it was just a question of how fast Rice could come home.

That answer came even more quickly than anticipated, as she finished in 19:01. It was fast for sure but it really did not sink in until later how fast that was. Only the great Marie Davis, who finished 8th, 8th & 13th from 1992-4 at Foot Locker, has run that fast & that was in Marie’s senior year. As a junior, the first year the girls ran 5K, Marie ‘only’ ran 19:18. The next best time was run by Megan LaFranz of Jesuit (19:14) in 1998. Even Meghan Armstrong was forced to settle with a time of 1931.

Dettman was consigned to run alone for almost the entire race & at a substantial pace, which considering the weather, was a bit much to ask. Struggling during the final stages of the race she was overtaken by two St. Mary ‘s runners but one must respect her courageous race. Her time of 20:12 would have won every Canby Invitational since 2006. Ellen Patterson placed 2nd in a fine 19:55 (the 10th fastest time on the course as far as I can tell) & Christy Richards took 3rd with 20:07. Netanya Beard of SMA followed in 5th & Rachel Crawford of Oregon City finished 6th. St. Mary ‘s easily won the team battle with 18 points, while Canby bested Oregon City for third 70-96.

The guys’ race saw Baldane Sultessa of Centennial battle with Central Catholic ‘s Wasil Ahmed & Kyle Thompson early in the race. Andy Bennison, the usual CC leader, had an off day & led the chase pack. They raced through the mile in 4:52 with Thompson just a bit behind the two co-leaders. For the next mile the race pretty much stayed that way but Thompson dropped off the pace shortly thereafter leaving it a two-man battle. And for a time it was a spirited battle with both runners at times taking the lead to test his opponent. For today the stronger of the two was the Centennial star Sultessa, who was able to draw away in the final stage to claim victory. His time of 16:01 is the third fastest on the course & trails only Canby Foot Locker finalist Eric Logsdon (15:48) & Christopher Clancy of Marshall, who ran 15:57 in 1998 – the year before Logsdon zipped home. The time bodes well for his state chances, as even former State champion Bryce Burgess was able to run only 16:19.

Wasil Ahmed earned 2nd in a time of 16:12. Besides the trio mentioned earlier only Kevin Carroll of Barlow (16:05) & John Maletis of Jesuit (16:09) have run faster. In most years he would have easily won the invitational with that time. Kyle Thompson grabbed 3rd with 16:39 & Andy Bennison placed 4th in 16:54. Greg Cruz of CC took 5th in 16:57 & Taylor Hybil of Centennial was the only other runner to break 17 minutes (16:59). Central Catholic easily won the team race with 22 points to defeat Centennial, which had 37. The other team scores saw Oregon City score 81, Clackamas 91 & Canby 127.

In the girls’ JV race St. Mary ‘s Academy harriers swept the the first eleven places with Celeste Raymond leading the way with a time of 22:54, which was two seconds before Carly Januzzi finished. Rachel Kuhl of Oregon City was the first non-SMA runner to complete the course. Centennial ‘s Chris Brasch led the JV guys into the shute but Jordan Landstrom led a parade of five Central Catholic across the finish line in a time of 18:53, as he edged Ryan Myers by 54/100 ‘s of a second.

Girls Team Results Boys Team Results

1 St. Mary ‘s Academy 18 Central Catholic 22 2 Canby 70 Centennial 37 3 Oregon City 96 Oregon City 81 4 Clackamas 119 Clackamas 91 5 Central Catholic 119 Canby 119 6 Centennial Inc.

Girls Individual Results

1 Paige Rice 19:01.22 St. Mary ‘s Academy 9 2 Ellen Patterson 19:55.01 St. Mary ‘s Academy 10 3 Christy Richards 20:07.46 St. Mary ‘s Academy 12 4 Andrea Dettmann 20:12.87 Centennial 12 5 Netanya Beard 20:16.33 St. Mary ‘s Academy 12 6 Rachel Crawford 21:02.45 Oregon City 10 7 Bella Gazzola 21:04.75 St. Mary ‘s Academy 11 8 Krissy Peterson 21:23.37 Canby 10 9 Madison Hutchinson 21:29.82 Clackamas 12 10 Mallory Melius 21:40.88 Oregon City 12 11 Allison Pugsley 21:43.97 Canby 12 12 Haley Kruell 22:05.59 St. Mary ‘s Academy 12 13 Natalie Ceciliani 22:16.50 St. Mary ‘s Academy 12 14 Maggie Ruwitch 22:29.59 Canby 12 15 Nora Helfand 22:42.27 St. Mary ‘s Academy 11 16 Maggie Riley 22:52.91 St. Mary ‘s Academy 10 17 Lauren Neufeld 22:54.27 Centennial 11 18 Tiffany Davis 22:58.71 Canby 12 19 Sierra Pruitt 23:01.99 Canby 11 20 Hana Watari 23:08.98 Clackamas 10 21 Bailey Raines 23:13.45 Canby 9 22 Kristin Edwards 23:14.55 Canby 11 23 Kari Scheie 23:25.93 Centennial 9 24 Taylor Munsey 23:33.17 Oregon City 10 25 Erica Nizer 23:38.65 Canby 11

Boys Individual Results

1 Badane Sultessa 16:01.75 Centennial 12 2 Wasil Ahmed 16:12.16 Central Catholic 12 3 Kyle Thompson 16:39.22 Central Catholic 9 4 Andy Bennison 16:54.71 Central Catholic 12 5 Greg Cruz 16:57.77 Central Catholic 12 6 Taylor Hybl 16:59.42 Centennial 10 7 Brandon Schmuckley 17:05.66 Centennial 12 8 Trevor Schmidt 17:21.76 Central Catholic 10 9 Bradley Laughlin 17:29.84 Oregon City 11 10 Alan Johnston 17:31.37 Clackamas 11 11 Lawrence Dennis 17:39.83 Centennial 12 12 Jacob Miller 17:47.93 Centennial 12 13 Cody Hammersmith 17:49.56 Centennial 11 14 Nathan Meeker 17:50.59 Oregon City 11 15 Brenden Oliver 17:51.61 Oregon City 10 16 Mitchell Koblitz 17:52.54 Clackamas 12 17 Jason Udland 17:53.14 Clackamas 10 18 Ben Edwards 17:59.33 Canby 12 19 Kevin Anderson 18:07.05 Canby 12 20 Zach Teeny 18:16.68 Central Catholic 12 21 Dale Christensen 18:19.16 Oregon City 10 22 Kevin Fitts 18:34.44 Oregon City 11 23 Tim Jackson 18:34.82 Clackamas 12 24 Andrew Green 18:37.39 Central Catholic 10 25 Ciaran Smythe 18:39.06 Clackamas 11