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My First & My Next Triathlon


My First & My Next Triathlon



My First & My Next Triathlon June 5th and June 6th 2010

My First Triathlon starts at 8:00 AM
My Next Triathlon starts at 7:45 AM


Lake Lanier Islands
7000 Holiday Road
Lake Lanier Islands, GA

My First Triathlon -Exclusive to first timers, no experience allowed!

My Next Triathlon -Everyone Welcome

Two events on each day

Each day there is both a My First and a My Next Triathlon; My Next Triathlon starts 15 ahead of the My First Triathlon, this provides the first timers with a chance to chase down the my nexters and puts a little more pressure on the my nexters to stay ahead of the first timers.

Swim Course

Swim in Lake Lanier adjacent to the water park, athletes who feel tired or nervous can swim along the shore in waist deep water enabling them to stand up and take a break during the swim.

Bike Course

Bike 12 miles total out and back from Lake Lanier Islands exiting and entering via the main road on and off the Island. The road for the most part will be shared with local traffic so be aware and ride with care. There is one steep hill that is done twice, athletes may stop and walk.

Run Course

Run 3 miles out and back from the transition zone located next to the water park.

Age Considerations

Those athletes under the age of 10 must be accompanied by an adult during the entire event.

Event Dates.

    Event 1
  • Begins:
  • Ends:


Lake Lanier Islands 7000 Holiday Road, Lake Lanier Islands, GA

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