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IronKids Boulder


IronKids Boulder



Saturday, August 7, 2010


Boulder Reservoir in Boulder, CO

IronKids Boulder will bring families to the outdoor recreational mecca of Colorado. Taking place on Aug. 7 at 7 a.m., the event will take participants on a swim in the Boulder Reservoir, followed by a bike and run on closed roads around the scenic Boulder foothills.


Distances for the IronKids Triathlon will vary, depending on the age of participants:

Junior (ages 6 to 8): 50-yard swim, 2-mile bike and 500-yard run
Intermediate (ages 9 to 11): 150-yard swim, 4-mile bike and 1-mile run
Senior (ages 12 to 15): 300-yard swim, 8-mile bike and 2-mile run

IronKids will adopt the USAT "age-up" rule. According to USA Triathlon Competitive Rules, Article III, Section 3.2(a):

"All age group athletes must participate and compete in the age division corresponding to the athlete's age on December 31 of the year of the event"


The swim-to-bike transition and the bike-to-run transition are in the same place. Each participant will have a spot to rack his/her bike and set up necessary equipment.


The bike course will be on roads closed to motor traffic. Each division will be on the same two-mile, out-and-back course, with loops of the course for the Senior and Intermediate divisions. We will have volunteers and signs directing participants, however please make sure your child knows what division he/she is in, as we will be referring to the course based on division (Junior, Intermediate, Senior). Mile markers (large signs) will be along the course.


The run course will be on paved walkway and grass around Nottingham Lake. Please make sure your child knows what division he/she is in, as we will be referring to division to help direct participants along the course. On the run course, the directional signs will be color-coded: yellow for Junior, orange for Intermediate and light blue for Senior.


Each IronKids event in the Series serves as a qualifier for the National Championship. The top five male and top five female finishers in each age group will qualify for the National Championship. Athletes will know if they qualified by simply looking at the results at the end of the race however everyone who qualifies will be notified electronically from the IronKids office in the week after the race.

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Boulder Reservoir , Boulder, CO

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