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8th Annual Mud Run


8th Annual Mud Run


Presented by the Hatcher Agency


Saturday, October 23rd
9 am


Two Rivers Park – West Little Rock

Here's the Down & Dirty

Created for those who think a little differently about this runnin' stuff. The Mud Run, presented by the Hatcher Agency, is definitely NOT your average 5K. The Mud Run is for the adventuresome spirit and is a family friendly race.

The only thing serious about this race is the MUD.

Participants run, walk, skip, trot, cavort through our 5Kish (please refer to helpful hints section for the clarification of "ish") course, which winds through the scenic trails of Two Rivers Park. Participants must overcome an "obstacle" or two along the way (please see the website for what the definition of an obstacle could be) Then finish with a spectacular frolic through our world-renowned 300-foot mud pit, which is filled with that amazing Arkansas mud.

The point is not to finish fast but to finish with style.

About Our Mud

For centuries, the mud from the Mud Run Mud Pit has been the beauty secret for countless women. Found exclusively in the Mud Run Mud Pit, our mud is packed with the finest organic ingredients (i.e. sticks, grass, a few rocks, couple roots, a sock, shoes left over from last year’s race) that tone, soften and clarify. The Mud Run Mud will leave your skin visibly dirty, but younger and smoother looking in less than 10 minutes. You will emerge from the Mud Pit a Goddess. Hoity toity spa treatments like a romp through our mud would cost you a squillion, but you can take advantage of our do it yourself spa treatment for the mere price of admission into the 2010 Mud Run.

Act Today! As soon as the word gets out on how exceptionally good our mud really is, we will have to charge a squillion too and then hire some guy named Charles to tell you how fabulous you look.

Race Day Schedule (well sorta)

7:30 am Registration opens (bring coffee to the volunteers they like that)
8:50 am Presentation of official types
9 am (or so) Official Start
10:05 am Awards Ceremony/Party Begins

Event Dates.

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Two Rivers Park , West Little Rock, AR

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